Guest post on Mydoma Design

Hey everyone! I have done a guest post for the MyDoma Design blog about the Uppsala Cathedral. Go check it out!


Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany

To follow up to my post about the Julmarknad in Stockholm I thought I would post about the Christmas market in Germany that we were fortunate enough to visit. Lucky for us my husband has relatives in Germany and they hosted us for holidays. I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.

A promenade through a German Christmas market

The German Christmas market was significantly bigger than the Stockholm market, despite it being a smaller town. I also noticed there was much more food here. The smell of schnitzel and bratwurtz filled the air and there were pockets of people drinking hot Gluehwein (similar to mulled wine or Glögg in Sweden).











Happy holidays!

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Julmarknad! Christmas time in Sweden

It’s Christmas! So what would be more appropriate than a festive post? In the not too distant past I visited a Christmas market in Stockholm. The atmosphere was a quaint and down-to-earth. The lights were sparkling and the merchant huts were adorable. Although it was much smaller than I would expect for a “famous Christmas market” (as per the information booth in the Stockholm train station), it was perfect for a stroll and experiencing the holiday spirit.

A promenade through old Stockholm


Despite the sign, it still took us a while to find the little square the market was located in.


All the merchants had individual huts, done in the traditional Swedish red.


Beautiful hanging ironwork candle holders.


A giant tree was the centre of the market.



And of course there were plenty of sweets.


There was also glögg being served. It is a traditional mulled wine served with blanched almonds and dried fruit (usually raisins). A great way to warm up in the cold.



There were also many other edible goodies to buy and take home.


Traditional Swedish hard bread to go along with those mustards.


And a trip to the market wouldn’t be complete without some candied almonds to snack on.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Cafe Linné Hörnan: Time for fika


Cafes are in an abundance here. Not that this should be a surprise considering Sweden is one of the highest consumers of coffee worldwide. One of the first cultural things we learned about when we arrived here was ‘fika’. This is a coffee break, most often accompanied by a side of something sweet, that is practiced by pretty much everyone. Being a fan of coffee and desserts, I had no problem incorporating this tradition into my life. And what a better place to start off my posts about interiors than at a quaint cafe in Uppsala.

This cafe is named after the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus (also known as Carl von Linné after his ennoblement) who studied and worked at Uppsala University in the 1700s. If you’ve ever wondered who came up with the scientific way of naming living things, well, it was Linnaeus. He is definitely a bit of a rock star in Uppsala with his name showing up everywhere. This cafe is ‘cafe Linné on the corner’, which I would like to point out is actually across from another cafe simply called ‘cafe Linné’. But maybe more on that another time.


Main entrance as seen from my seat at the back. On the other side of the serving area is additional seating.

The interior has a cozy, rustic feel with a central dessert counter and coffee bar. There is seating along the windows opposite of the severing area (as seen above), and additional seating is located along the front windows and in an area on the other side of the wall behind the counter. The more traditional style of elements, such as the light fixtures and wallpaper, give the feel of stepping back in time. I could have easily sat there for hours in the plush chairs around the little round tables contemplating life or having a deep discussion with a companion.

Little details add so much to a space.

Little details add so much to a space.

I will tell you that the Swedes appear to take their desserts very seriously. The most common coffee sidekick seems to be a cinnamon roll called a ‘bulla’, which is available pretty much everywhere coffee is. But other places, such as this coffeehouse, have an abundance of other types of desserts to try. I haven’t tried them all yet, though I have made it through quite a few. I can assure you that they are delicious. So far the Swedish desserts are the perfect amount of sweet, and accompany a cup of coffee perfectly. But of course I will have to keep investigating.

Just a sample of what was available at the dessert counter.

Just a sample of what was available at the dessert counter.

So on this cloudy day I will enjoy my fika and try out this delicious looking pecan pie, which I swear is for research.


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The shipment has arrived!

I am happy to report that the shipment of our stuff has arrived. As a result we have been busy unpacking and organizing. I hope to have another proper post for you later this week. Thank you.

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